Pay per call

Tired of paying over the top for ad clicks?

Pay only for the enquiries you receive.

Quality. Immediate. ROI.

Effective, Ready-To-Buy,
Google-Quality Leads

Pay Per Call

No Lock-In Contracts

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Do you run a trades or services business?

DAM's Pay-Per-Call means new customers, today

Our team have been successfully partnering with our clients by offering Pay-Per-Call strategies for years. In particular, trades, services and home improvement businesses love the flexibility and significant oversight they receive on their ROI.

Pay-Per-Call for us means we put the work into generating your new enquiries, and you simply wait for the call and only pay for what you receive.

It’s transparent, cost effective and backed by our Success Guarantee. We deliver the enquiries solely to you, and it’s up to you to convert them. Our process cuts through the noise and enables you to reach more buy-ready customers, and those customers are yours to keep from then on!

No Lead Farming

Our Google-quality enquiries go to you and ONLY to you. We don't on-sell leads to other companies, so our focus is solely on your business. You can charge accordingly because you're not in a race to the bottom with your competitors.


Our detailed reporting assures you of transparency and a solid ROI, so you can determine if our enquiries are actually delivering you the new business you're looking for at the price you're comfortable with.

Some of our Happy Pay-Per-Call Clients

Cost-Effective, Quality Local Enquiries

Heard about us from a referral? Yes, our pay-per-call campaigns are really that effective.

Tired of Ads?

We’ll take the time to run you through how our pay-per-call campaigns work. Shoot us a message today and we’ll get straight back to you with all the benefits.